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And Laid Him On the Green 
In collaboration with James Rushford
Curated by Joel Stern for Octopus 19: Ventriloquy at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne Performed at Meat Market Stables with live vocals by Sage Pbbbt, Kate Brown, Carolyn Connors and Jenny Barnes

The work is an experiment in misheard, barely-caught, and residual moments occurring at the intersection of technical capture and human interpretation. - Joel Stern

‘And Laid Him On The Green’ is a 40-minute multimedia performance incorporating four live voices, text, electronics and three-channel video, exploring cultural examples of ‘mishearings’, from the innocuous to the injurious. The work is the first major collaboration between Melbourne-based experimental musician James Rushford and Los Angeles-based visual artist Rachel Yezbick. Rushford and Yezbick re-enact a conversation between Yezbick and forensic audio specialist, Susan Wilson as they explore cognitive perception at play around misheard speech and the distrust of Voice ID in court rooms. Through a combination of live mediums, Rushford and Yezbick look at the performance of morality at play in the pursuit of truth. The work premiered at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, in a group exhibition on ventriloquism titled Octopus 19: Ventriloquy, curated by Joel Stern.  Funding was provided by the Australian Council for the Arts and Liquid Architecture.

photography by Keelan O’Hehir

And Laid Him On The Green_Teaser from Rachel Yezbick on Vimeo.

Untitled Project at N Gallery, Athens.
The MAHA Pavilion Bangkok Biennial, Bangkok.  

Sick Speech, my________space (2601 Pasadena Ave.), Los Angeles.

Sick Speech
and It’s Kind of a Scary Feeling at the Arts, Culture and Digital Transformation Summit at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Hook & Loop in collaboration with Cedric Tai at Mast on Fig, Los Angeles

And Laid Him On The Green, is a live performance created in collaboration with James Rushford for Gertrude Contemporary’s exhibition Octopus 19: Ventriloquy, curated by Joel Stern and presented by Liquid Architecture. 

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Photography by: Cedric Tai, Hagen Betzwieser, Keelan O’Hehir, Jessica Wittman and Zach Korol-Gold
Copyright @2020. Rachel Yezbick. All rights reserved.