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It’s Kind of a Scary Feeling 2

It's Kind of A Scary Feeling 2 was exhibited in Cover Me at Garden in Los Angeles. Projected onto the back of a nearby house, the piece was viewable from the second floor installation where the film Epicurus' Conundrum played on loop in the gallery. The text is a compilation of crime and safety threads from the website Nextdoor. The threads are taken from posts in the gallery’s neighborhood, an historic LA neighborhood, as well as the historic neighborhood Brown and I patrolled in Detroit for the film Epicurus' Conundrum.

Participating artist at the Banff Digital Media Summit presenting a new lecture performance on copycats, isolation and social media.

Politics of Immersive Experience (tentative title), a forthcoming book that looks at the links between ethnographic practice and immersive media technologies. Co-written with Julia Yezbick.

And Laid Him On The Green, is a live performance created in collaboration with James Rushford for Gertrude Contemporary’s exhibition Octopus 19: Ventriloquy, curated by Joel Stern and presented by Liquid Architecture. Keep an eye on exhibition programming for upcoming information!

Join me for a screening of Epicurus’ Conundrum on Sunday, June 2nd at Femmebit Festival 2019.

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                                         Photography by: Cedric Tai, Hagen Betzwieser, Keelan                                                O’Hehir and Zach Korol-Gold