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Learning to tie a rope

This collage series was made from a single paper edition of The Guardian. Each collage is comprised of two elements: Iraq War imagery and food. These works highlight how war stories function as leisurely reading in Western societies, responding to the disheartening nonchalance in which violence, voyeurism, consumption and forgetfulness are interwoven in casual reading. 


And Laid Him On The Green, is a live performance created in collaboration with James Rushford for Gertrude Contemporary’s upcoming exhibition on ventriloquy, curated by Joel Stern. 

Untitled  is a live performance and online series that examines western culture’s relationship to death by looking at the experiences of social media stars online.

As if we were not there (tentative title) is an experimental documentary that explores the pursuit of truth in investigative journalistic practice.

Politics of Immersive Experience (tentative title), a forthcoming book that looks at the links between ethnographic practice and immersive media technologies. Co-written with Julia Yezbick.
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