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(Upcoming) From Ethnography to VR: Participatory Experiences and the Promises of Immersion (tentative title), co-written with Julia Yezbick

The Arab American National Museum: Sanctioning Arabness for a Post-9/11 America in Arab Detroit 9/11: Life in the Terror Decade published by Wayne State University Press

The Use of Artists published on Infinite Mile

The Modernist Gaze and Interchangeable Labor: Clarissa Tossin at Samuel Freeman published on Infinite Mile

We are Critic: Made in L.A. 2016 published on Temporary Art Review
Upcoming: ENCOUNTERS WITH DEATH: Social Media Stars and Deviants (tentative title) is a lecture-performance and online series presented from the perspective of a shattered reliquary.

As if we were not there (tentative title) is an experimental documentary that explores the pursuit of truth in investigative journalistic practice.

Politics of Immersive Experience (tentative title), a forthcoming book that looks at the links between ethnographic practice and immersive media technologies. Co-written with Julia Yezbick.
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